Cool Tomato

This week, I look at a cool tomato I picked up at the grocery store.

One thought on “Cool Tomato

  1. dear emily – kyocera is indeed a japanese company. wikipedia tells me they started in ceramics. Maybe pottery is in your future :)?

    ICE = “In Case of Emergency”. Sounds intriguing. I’m not sure if this is your model, but found it on

    Yes, “asterisk” is the other name for the common “star” symbol these days (from the Latin word for star). But “star” is also just fine.

    Finally got to listen to this on Feb 26, 2018. So not the same day you recorded/posted it :). Hope you are still enjoying it.

    Loma-the-record came today. Listening to it next. I guess it’s a Cross kind of day. –take care, karl (also owner of an old old flip phone … which is in my car; can’t even do texts, as far as I know)

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